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"...Fans who, like me, have never had the opportunity to witness Echolyn on the action can see it after all. "Stars and Gardens" is a very enthralling sight combined with progressive music of a highest quality, but this is not all. This double DVD set is excellently designed and is packed in the original book-stylized slipcase. The quality of the sound and screen image is very good, but what's central, the material provides a rather fitting closure to the creation of one of America's finest progressive units of all time. Don't miss it." - Vitaly Menshikov, Progressor.net

"...If you have been following Echolyn all along I suspect you have already got a copy of Stars and Gardens or have it on your to get lists. For those of you that have yet to really get into them, this DVD could very well hook you on them real quick. This is a great entry point into their catalog and you will learn much you did not know about their music from it. They offer a fresh, energetic slant on what we call 'prog'. Highly suggested." - Sean, Progressive Ears

"Here's a virtual treasure chest of goodies from one of the best of the current crop of American prog bands, that being Pennsylvania's Echolyn...Simply stated, Stars and Gardens-Volume 4 is a must have for your DVD collection. It's wonderfully shot, edited, and presented, by a classy band who obviously really wanted to give something special back to the fans who have stuck with them for so long." - Pete Pardo, Sea Of Tranqulity

"Stars and Gardens is a solid 2-disc DVD that is a great way to catch up on this intense, literate band. Fans of intelligent (and often stirring, spiritual) lyrics and tight, rocking music with a progressive flair will find a treasure with Echolyn, and Stars and Gardens introduces the band in fine form by featuring some of the bands greatest work in their best setting-live...I was a fan before watching Echolyn’s Stars and Gardens. After watching, I am a bigger fan..." - Barry Nothstine, The Phantom Tollbooth

"...Although the change of musical styles, that in the years really rendered the Americans coherent to a very progressive mentality, and the past events with a major like Sony, Echolyn is a band that technically and musically gives its best live, and is explosive..." - Daniele Cutali, Movement In Prog

"...With "Stars And Gardens" Echolyn, the misjudged genius progressive rock band, offers their first DVD production. As should be expected, the double DVD offers excellent music, prepared with simple, but altogether pretty visual effects. The entire production reflects the modest attitude of the American quintet. Here, as on the preceding albums, the band lets the music speak for itself without overbearing effects..." - Rubrik Kolumne, Schallplattenmann

"...You can see and hear that a lot of time, money and love was put into this project to make it a perfect product. Which "Stars And Gardens" certainly is. It is a great document made by a band which deserves a much larger audience. Hopefully this is the first step to introduce them to all the people who never knew Echolyn excisted. People who like Genesis, Yes, Kansas, Gentle Giant, Pallas, Marillion, Spock's Beard or The Flower Kings must know that more great prog bands as the above mentioned acts make awesome progressive rock music." - Henri Strik

"...As the record, with little more than one hour of duration, is a gift for eager fans of the band. It brings interviews, commentaries on making of of the DVD, a bit of history...and a half-humorístico story of the writing of the album "the The World" in 1994..." - Sergio Martorelli